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Getting Hindsight

Are you wondering what advantage comes from a little bit of permaculture planning before you spend the rest of your life pottering about in your garden growing food? How does design increase the success of a garden? Join us in...
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Gentle Earthworks for Abundance

Go Easy There’s more than one way to shape the land and direct water to your gardens. Most people can’t afford machinery to shape the land and build abundance. So, they usually abandon hope of reshaping their site and work...
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Solar Cooking

What’s so hot about a solar cooker? You can make one yourself There’s no open flame so you can use this oven during a total fire ban but be mindful to watch that the reflection won’t start a fire. No...
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The Living Tipi

In today’s workshop we built and wove a tipi using mostly biological resources. Over the life time of anything we make there is deterioration and eventually things turn into compost. But a living tipi, like a living fence, can be...
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Weave Living Fences and Structures

NEWS: for our next weaving/living fence workshop we will build on the great woven base for the Tipi, cut Bamboo (Old Hamii) poles, and started growing plants to weave into the tipi. This is no ordinary TIPI, it will become...
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