Permaculture Business leader Eco-Patty joining mini-conference

eye-of-parrotBreaking News:  Patty Kolln also known as Eco-Patty, is one of the most experienced advocates of the Permaculture in Business. She is travelling south to join our upcoming mini-conference. Patty is has a wealth of experience in permaculture and business. Perhaps you’ve never heard of her? That’s likely because she doesn’t need you to know about her, only about her projects. This is how she has managed to be successful and live a happy life.

She is currently very active in her beautiful Forest of Tranquility 100 acres of virgin bush with an intact natural Australian Rainforest. With over 5km of walking tracks, pristine streams, diverse wildlife and flora. The forest is home to Fireflies. She hosts lots of workshops and events including the Firefly Magic Twilight Festival. Patty has researched the forest fauna, the potential of conserved areas to support indigenous people and is excited to be sharing ideas and resources at our mini-conference.

firefly reference

This is brilliant NEWs for all delegates. We are hosting an amazingly diverse group of experienced permaculture activists, researchers and advocates.

There are now only 20 places left and seats are strictly limited.

Join us for this special mini-conference about Permaculture in Society and Development.

There will be a keynote speech by Dr Terry Leahy, a buzz of short presentations from permaculture activists then lunch together and workshops to pool and share ideas.

You can also take a tours of Silk Farm – the hosting permaculture food forest.