Gentle Earthworks for Abundance

gentle swales in garden at EarthKeepers, Buxton NSW
Go Easy There’s more than one way to shape the land and direct water to your gardens. Most people can’t afford machinery to shape the land and build abundance. So, they usually abandon hope of reshaping their site and work...
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10 Seats Left and Counting!

Our upcoming Mini-conference on Saturday April 30th has only 10 seats left. Bookings are essential as our conference room is comfy but cannot expand magically. History of the Venue Locality It is apt that our mini-conference about society, development and...
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Mini-Conference Brimming With Great Minds

How Will Permaculture Delegates Contribute? There are three great ways to contribute to our upcoming conference. Prepare a 5min presentation. Keep your delivery short and sweet to enable time for others to contribute. Pecha Kucha is a great guide for...
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When Health is Connected to Wealth

terry leahy2
Terry Leahy, Key-note speaker for our upcoming mini-conference takes on health and it’s connection to wealth. Terry writes: Diabetes is the sign of the hidden malnutrition of an affluent community. Basic causes are too much animal fats, too much sugar...
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Who Is The Guild of Permaculture Pioneers?

We are a slowly and steadily growing a collaboration of experienced Permaculture pioneers who are happy to occasionally stop doing their excellent permaculture stuff in order to tutor, mentor, lead or chat with other each other and people interested in...
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Permaculture Day Mini Conference Celebration chook and pitchfork resolute to save the day
To celebrate Permaculture Day, our mini-conference brings together some great minds, important discussion and the opportunity for powerful co-operation. “We need to expand the concept to social responsibility and to create our own financial and employment strategies” ~Bill Mollison, Permaculture:...
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All Fry Together

Dr Terry Leah (keynote speaker and facilitator of our upcoming mini-conference) wrote: Our aid budget is nowhere near close to the 0.7% of GDP that is the minimal target suggested by the UN. Instead it is at 0.21% and is...
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When Shares Drop, Sharing Ups

Terry Leahy, the keynote speaker and facilitator for our upcoming mini-conference writes: Global Sharemarket – Lowest Mark since 2012 The world has still not really recovered from the financial crash of 2008. European governments and the United States are still...
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